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dog run


​Camping and dog run with dogs

My favorite dog

can be run without a leash

“Dog run” and “camping”

A place where you can enjoy at the same timeI wonder if there is

Those who were thinking,

that,Karadoma Village begins.

The sight of a dog running around with all its might,

It feels really good to watch ^^

​Please come with your dog

Have a great time

Would you like to spend some time?


● Target

Customers staying overnight or for day trips

*You can use it as many times as you like during your stay.

● Basic rules

・Contact or collision between users and dogs,

For troubles such as bite accidents,

Please resolve it between the parties.

・The owner should keep an eye on the dog,

If there is a problem,

Please be able to respond immediately.

・Due to compatibility issues between dogs

If they cannot be used at the same time,

Make concessions such as dividing the time

Please use it.

・Users should clean up feces etc.

Please try to keep it clean.

・Please follow the staff's warnings and instructions.

● Prohibited matters

-Entry of animals other than dogs.

・Feeding and treating dogs.

   (You may have allergies.

     Consideration for other dogs)

・People eating, drinking and smoking.

(*However, in the case of refilling water to prevent heatstroke,

   The lid can be closed properly)

・Leaving your dog alone in the run.

・During heat (menstruation) and within 1 month after heat,

Admission of dogs with infectious diseases.

・Mounting acts and excessive chasing,

Entry of dogs that behave in a threatening manner.

・Admission for those who do not bring dogs.

・Trainers and people involved in animal-related facilities

Use for commercial purposes.

・Other users cannot enter or use the facility.

 Exclusive use by a large number of people that makes you feel.

    (As a guideline, 3 animals/1 person.

      Simultaneous admission of 4 or more animals requires 2 or more people.

      Please accompany us. )

・Leaving dog excrement, body hair, etc. without cleaning up,

 The act of throwing things away in a place other than the designated area within the campsite.

・Bringing children's play equipment and children's play equipment,

The act of making loud noises.

・Leash of 1.5m or more

 Use in the state.

    (To prevent people and dogs from getting caught)

● How to use it well

・Entry with the dog on a leash and avoid contact with other dogs.

   Check compatibility before removing the leash.

・Dog play equipment (balls, etc.) may be used, but

    Please be considerate of those around you.

● How to use

To use it, please go to the reservation page from ``Click here to make a reservation'' → select your desired date → check the option ``Dog run'' and make a reservation.

You will be able to start using the service after signing the pledge on the day.

Usage fee: ¥1,100 per head(tax included)

● What you need

① License tag

② Rabies vaccination certificate and proof of vaccination year *Limited to within one year.

③ Owner's ID (something that shows current address)

*However, it is not required if you bring a valid Seibu Sports Park dog run registration card.

● Unavailable dog breeds

・Large dog/Medium dog (15kg or more)

・The following dog breeds are designated as specific dogs/dangerous dog breeds by the ordinances of each prefecture, town, and village.

①Tosa dog

②Akita dog

③ Alaskan Malamute

(Including American Staffordshire Terrier, etc.)
④ Rottweiler
⑤Mastiff type in general

(Including Dogo, Argentino, etc.)
⑥ Pit bulls in general

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