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Oyster & Camp 

Camping in Ebisu in winter!


“Ebisu oyster” season is here again this year.

It's here!

 Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Naoki and I am the leader of Karadomari Village.


“Karadomari Ebisu oysters” are now on sale from October 28th (Friday)!


 Yes, here at Karadomari VILLAGE, you can purchase the branded oysters ``Karadomari Ebisu Kaki'' at a reasonable price at the Karadomari Fisheries Association Store located next to the reception on the parking lot side.

When you bring it into the venue and eat it, it's so fresh you'll definitely be in agony! ^^


It is also good to grill over charcoal like in an oyster hut,

Definitely recommended this year!


This is all you need.


・Can-can (a frying pan with a lid can also be used)

・Cassette stove

·Japanese sake

・Oysters (1 kg in the photo: 2 servings)


1. Make a hole in the lid of the can-can (you can leave the frying pan as is)

2. Add the oysters and pour enough sake to cover the bottom of the can-can.


3. All you have to do is put it on the cassette stove and light it.


4. Finish in 10-15 minutes on low heat!

       What do you think? Super easy, right?

As you can imagine, the can can get very hot, so don't forget to wear gloves when opening it.


5. Afterwards, squeeze some lemon and enjoy.

You'll be surprised at how delicious this is ^^

​This "Ganganyaki" is called "grilled", but it is actually steam with sake.

In other words, the meat will not be tough and will be extremely juicy!

So it's delicious!

The meat will not become small or hard, but will become fluffy ^^


You can also add ponzu sauce,

The soy sauce butter is also rich and recommended.

​You can't beat any oyster bar around here.

For those who don't have a can-can,

If you have a pot or frying pan with a lid, you can use that too ^_−☆

If you don't have either, we will lend you a frying pan, so please ask our staff.

We also have oyster shucking forks, so if you don't have one you can lend one.


here we go! Why not try ``steamed oysters'' at camp this year?

It's sure to be the best camp ^^

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