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40 minutes by car from Fukuoka Tenjin.
​About 60 minutes from Fukuoka Airport.

Being close means

That means you have a lot of time to enjoy yourself locally.

It's okay to use public transportation.


​When you see Eneos, turn right and you will see the reception.

​"Karadomari Fisheries Cooperative Store" will be visible.


You cannot enter the venue by car, so

Please park your car in front of Karadomari Fisheries Cooperative Store when you arrive.

Drop off your luggage at the luggage storage area ❶ 

Please receive the number plate from our staff and park your car ❷

Please come to the reception ❸ (Karadomari Fisheries Cooperative Store).

スクリーンショット 2022-04-27 13.55.52.png

For guests,
We will guide you to the campsite by tuk tuk.


Our staff will transport your camping equipment by light truck from parking to campsite.


All of our staff welcome to you.

​We look forward to seeing you in KARADOMARI Village.

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