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tent sauna

Wrapped in steam, warm whole body detox


We have two sets of  Finnish tent saunas available for rental.

Up to 8 people can experience the full set of sauna + bathing + outdoor air bathing at the same time.

A changing area, hot shower, and hair dryer are also available.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are also provided.

You can also rent towels and sauna ponchos, so you don't have to worry about coming empty-handed.

The beach is right next to it, so you can dive right into the sea, or at night, you can enjoy an outdoor bath while looking at the starry sky.

We also have beer and soft drinks available after the sauna.

tent sauna

​Example set up on the beach

​We ask customers to set up

Warm water shower room exterior

Sauna fee (90 minutes)

Adult ¥1,800

​Children ¥900

Rental item


Sauna set

・Sauna poncho



Rental bath towel

​Bath towel


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