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​Rental also available


​Next time will be at the end of July
We are planning





​Winter limited menu

We also offer menus unique to winter.


B course 

Itoshima beef sukiyaki

+Sandwich breakfast made with carefully selected ingredients

+All-you-can-drink plan during your stay

C course 

Itoshima pork shabu-shabu

+Sandwich breakfast made with carefully selected ingredients

+All-you-can-drink plan during your stay


All breakfast courses will be the same.

Same price for all three ABC courses.

Stone Oven



Stone oven pizza making experience

Experience making your own stone oven pizza that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.You can do ​.

Date and time: Saturday, May 20, 2023 14:00~18:00

Location: In front of Karadomari Village campsite kitchen building
Price: 1 piece 2,200 yen

We also sell beer, wine, soft drinks, etc.


Empty-handed plan



Weekdays from 10 people or more

A plan that allows you to rent out a campsite.

​There are endless ways to enjoy events, weddings, group camping, etc.


Plan for sauna use only.

​If you are interested in tent sauna and outdoor bathing in nature, please give it a try!

One-day sauna plan

bring your own camping equipment

You can camp anywhere you like

plan. At night, enjoy all-you-can-drink at the Bonfire Bar.

free site plan

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Although it's a campsite,
Is it true that there is a private beach?


Striped fish photographed underwater at Ushirohama

Private Beach

private beach


1 minute walk from the campsite.

There is a beautiful sandy beach called ``Ushirohama'' that has been carefully protected by the locals.


Because the sand is white and the distance is shallow, the sea looks emerald green.

It is recommended not only for swimming, but also for snorkeling, where you can see many fish on the rocky areas on both sides of the beach.

​And we are planning to rent SUP and snorkeling sets this summer!

Why not enjoy playing in the sea on a private beach that is away from the crowds?


by the way,

Although it's a campsite,
Is it true that there is a bar?

tipi bar images

A bonfire bar that opens every night from 8pm in one of Japan's largest tipi tents.

Guests staying overnight can enjoy free alcohol, soft drinks, and snacks.

Everyone from children to adults can relax and enjoy communication while watching the bonfire.Before you know it, we're all friends.

Sometimes Karadomari Village leader Naoki will serve food on a whim.

A leader who loves traveling and cooking.Part of the fun is seeing what kind of dishes you'll come across.

Tipi Bar

tipi bar

Dad playing the guitar at the tipi bar

Although it's a campsite,
Is it true that you can't go there by car?

Tuk Tuk

We will deliver your luggage​ to the site.

Karadomari Village does not allow you to drive to the campsite.

This is because the road to the venue is so narrow that it is impossible to pass each other by car.


picture? So how should I transport my camping gear to the site?


Please rest assured.

Our staff will bring your favorite camping gear to the site.

And for the guests,We will take you to the site by tuk tuk.

As you go deeper and deeper down the narrow path, you may feel a strange feeling as your mood changes from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Smiling children riding a tuktuk
path leading to the beach
Staff transporting customers' camping gear on light trucks
Students smiling happily with freshly made curry
Students entering the tent sauna
Itadakimasu moment
Students talking around a bonfire
Smiling students inside Instant House
Commemorative photo taken on a hill overlooking the sea

​Even though it's a campsite,
​Is it true that there is a sauna?



Envelop yourself in steam and warm your whole body to detox.

There are two popular Finnish tent saunas.

It is possible to experience a full set of sauna + bathing + outdoor air bathing, and can accommodate up to 8 people at the same time.

A changing area, hot shower, and hair dryer are also available.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are also provided.

You can also rent towels and sauna ponchos, so you don't have to worry about coming empty-handed.

The beach is right next to it, so you can dive right into the sea, or at night, you can enjoy an outdoor bath while looking at the starry sky.

We also have beer and soft drinks available after the sauna.

Two women entering a tent sauna
Tent sauna distant view, tent sauna signboard visible
A tent sauna set up on the beach. The blue sky, blue sea, and white sand are impressive.
A woman relaxing in a hammock

Is it true that you can see the Milky Way?

Starry Sky


Because it is surrounded by mountains​, the stars are clearly visible.


When you lie down on the grassland and turn off the lights, it becomes a natural planetarium.

In this season, the Big Dipper is in the constellation Ursa Major.. This is the constellation that I learned a long time ago that it is shaped like a ladle.


Anyone can master the constellations by using constellation apps such as "Spring Great Curve" and "Spring Great Triangle."

Lay down on the beach and watch.

I watched it while taking an outdoor bath in the tent sauna.

Enjoy the view while sipping your favorite drink.

You might find your own way to enjoy the night sky.

Tipi at night.jpg
Starry sky at Karadomari Village

Is it true that you can make stone oven pizza?

Baking pizza in a stone oven
A boy who makes homemade pizza and a supporting chef.

Stone Oven

Pizza Cooking

Stone oven pizza experience

Held on Sunday, June 26th

You can experience making authentic stone oven pizza.

You can make incredibly delicious pizza that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Just roll out the dough and add your favorite toppings to create your own original pizza.


​You can enjoy it with your children, couples, and groups.

If you're on a day trip, you'll definitely want to drink some wine, so please come along with your handler.


What a disgusting campsite
​Where is it?


FUKUOKA City West Coast

​Karadomari, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City




貸切基本料金  ¥100,000


Regular price: ¥5000 per person

学生割引料金 1名様 ¥3,500

Usage fee
30% OFF

Sibley tent exterior

Stone Oven


stone oven rental

We have started renting a stone oven that can bake incredibly delicious pizza that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

A full-fledged course that starts with residual heat while burning firewood.

It will take about 2 hours to reach the temperature that will allow you to bake a pizza.

Price: ¥6,600 /3 hours(Includes 2 bundles of firewood)

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